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I'm Abdulelah Alsabhan.

The idea of being able to tell a story through art always been fascinating to me. 

From a single frame hanged on a wall to a sequence of frames played as animation on our screens, it's what keeping us inspired and ready to learn more everyday.

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About Me.

I'm Abdulelah from Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

I've been always interested in art, I still remember how amazed I was when my father showed me that i can make my own cartoons in a traditional flip book, and in that moment, I knew that I want to be an artist.

I've experienced a lot of forms from traditional art and animation to digital medium.

In addition to 3D modelling which I learned in my college years in Architecture

I'm one of the few founders of graffiti art in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia since 2006.

I started doing digital art 2016 and animation in 2020.




King Saud University

Architecture since, developed my artistic since and grow my knowledge and understanding for forms, spaces and shapes.

being an architect taught me how to be a team player and to lead  and learn from a team from different fields and backgrounds.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+966 56 615 5421

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